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Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416 – 9193 | DIY garage door battery backup installation

It is always good to be ready with power outages, install a battery back up on your garage door with these easy steps!

  • Choose and buy the right battery for your garage door. Make sure that the model of the battery is compatible with your garage door opener. Don’t forget to consider its quality since other fake batteries tend to be hazardous.
  • Fully charge the battery before installing it on your garage door opener. Charging the battery could take days.
  • Finally, install your battery backup. There are those that are easily installed behind the garage door opener and other models are installed at the top.
  • Now that you’re done with the installment process, test it out. Shut the power source and open the garage door with your remote control or pad, if the garage door moves smoothly, then you have done a good job with installing a battery backup for your garage door.

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