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In the recent years, not many people know that a handful of accidents involving garage doors are accounted. Aside from the risk of dangers we pose to ourselves when we own a faulty garage door, we also pose danger to the safety of the most vulnerable, innocent ones in our households – our kids. Here are some rules every parents should set for their young ones in terms of dealing with the garage door.


  • The opening and closing of the garage door should only be done by an adult. Garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds and a little kid will not have adequate height, strength and power to safely open or close a garage door.


  • Hands should be kept away from section tracks, rollers, and joints of the garage door, even if it is not operating.


  • Kids should not ride the garage door. Injuries are very common because children play with an opening or closing garage door. Also, damage to the garage door opener and garage door motor could be a result of these incidences.


  • Nobody should be ducking underneath a garage door while it’s being closed. Walking through the garage door should be done only when it is fully and properly opened.


  • Proper maintenance and upkeep should be done with your garage door. Make sure the system is well-lubricated, to make sure there is avoidance of rusting. Hiring a professional garage door technician should be done once observance of excessive noise, shaking and grinding.

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