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A garage door cable drum has three types: standard lift cable drum, vertical lift cable drum and high lift cable drum. This article will talk only about garage door high lift cable drum. Before that, I will define first what a garage door cable drum is. Garage door cable drum is used in helping the garage door in opening and closing it, with the help of the torsion springs, as it maintains the balance of the door. High lift cable drum has a flat and raised portion, which has the combination of the figures of the standard lift and vertical lift cable drums. How does this work? As the door opens, the cable runs on the raised portion and then switches over to the flat portion when the cable runs on the horizontal track. It has five different diameter sizes: 4”, 5-1/2”, 5-3/4”, 6-3/8”, and 8”. Each cable diameter size has its corresponding cable capacity. The 8” cable diameter has the cable capacity of 10’.

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