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We provide the repair services for all garage doors. You name them; we can definitely fix them all the way. We also do repair broken openers and defective springs. However, you have problems that are all manageable on your part. The following are the most common issues and solutions:

1 The opener does not function using either a switch or a remote. The main power has maybe been interrupted. Ascertain that the opener cord is stuffed in;

2 The door does not completely cover. The close boundary switch needs adjustment. A misplaced sensor or a blocked sensor may cause this problem. So, make fine adjustments of your sensors, one having the green light, while the other having the red light. Please clean the exterior sensors themselves;

3 The door closes automatically after touching the floor. The close boundary switch might need adjustment;

4 The door closes before touching the ground. The close power might need adjustment;

5 The door does not fully open. The boundary switches probably needs to be geared toward the opener;

6 The opener does not stop from moving. The boundary switch might need to be geared away from the opener;

7 The door neither opens nor closes using the remote. Go closer to the entrance. Ascertain that the opener antenna is hanging. You might need to replace the old batteries of the remote. Please remember that you may program or reprogram the range capacities of your remote controls. You might have not closed or opened your doors, because such controls might have not reached the radar waves of your openers.

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Fort Worth Garage Doors wants you to feel like you've made the right choice for your garage door repairs. That's why we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all garage door repairs.

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