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Fort Worth Garage Doors | Different Types of Garage Door Openers

What does a garage door opener do?  It leverages a garage door opener through a very complex system of tracks, cables, springs, and many moving parts–  The springs play a particularly important part of the equation as they allow a relatively underpowered motor (the garage door opener) to open a large, heavy garage door.  There are multiple types of opener that all operate very differently, and all have different benefits they offer.  We’ll start at the bottom:

Chain Drive and Belt Drive Openers

Chain drive openers are the most basic style of garage door opener, and they operate very simply–  A chain drive system opens and closes the garage with the aid of the springs and other components of the garage door system.  The belt drive opener does the same thing, but leverages the power of a belt driven system rather than a chain driven system.  Chain drive openers are economical, but tend to be noisy, and not as reliable as they could be.  Belt drive openers are also relatively economical, and are less noisy than their chain drive counterparts.  In terms of reliability, they’re both relatively reliable, but are not as reliable as the screw drive opener.

Chain Drive Opener

Screw Drive and Jackshaft Openers

Screw Drive openers operate in a very similar fashion to the chain and belt drive openers, but use a very simple screw drive system to operate the garage door–  They tend to be a little pricier, but relatively quiet, and very reliable compared to the other styles of openers.

The jackshaft opener is very reliable, and very unique, in that it is not an overhead opener.  Instead, it mounts on the wall, directly beside the garage door, and directly opens and closes the garage door.  This is a favorite for those who can’t use an overhead garage door opener system for their own reasons.

Jackshaft Opener

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