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Fort Worth Garage Doors | Do you know about open indicator monitors?

Imagine that you wake up from a fantastic night’s sleep to discover that you left your front door open.  What would your first thoughts be?  Probably a number of things would rush through your head:

  • Did someone come in over night and steal anything?
  • Is my family safe?
  • Did some sort of rabid creature come in overnight?  Will I find it somewhere today, or down the road?
  • Did debris / rain / snow get inside?

Whatever you end up thinking of when you realize this, this is a stressful experience for you–  You left your entire world vulnerable to the outside world.

Now, do you have those same thoughts when you leave your garage door open overnight?  If not, you should, because it’s the exact same thing–  It’s just like leaving your front door open, especially when you consider that most garages are attached to the home by way of a door.  In this way, a garage door often functions as a second front door.

So what can you do to avoid feeling this way when you leave your garage door open?

The answer: Open Indicator Monitor

An open indicator monitor is a way to ensure that you don’t have to feel that anxiety from leaving your garage door open.  It works by installing at the garage door (or opener), and somewhere inside your house; when your garage door is left open, it alerts you to this so that you can go correct the problem–  They’re fantastic devices that come in especially handy if you use your garage door a lot, are a bit absent minded, or if you have kids that come in and out through the garage.

More importantly, though, they’re relatively inexpensive, making them a cheap insurance policy against the outside world.  You wouldn’t leave your front door open overnight, would you?  So why leave your garage door open overnight?  Ask us about our installation deals!

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