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Fort Worth Garage Doors | Go ahead. Buy the 4X4

We encountered a customer recently that wanted to buy a 4 wheel drive rig–  They were looking at a ’77 K5 Blazer, and were considering a 6″ body lift with 40″ mudder tires.  It sounds like a lot of fun to have something like that, but then comes the problem of storage.  Even if you store it outside, if you want to work on it in your garage, the amount of space you have can be a limiting factor.

And of course, you don’t want a low flying garage door opener to interfere with your choice of tire size.

So what is someone to do?  Well, we recommended our customer get a jackshaft garage door opener which maximizes vertical space in a garage by mounting to the wall rather than overhead.  Needless to say, our customer was not only pleased that we offered him a solution, but gave him a great rate on the conversion.


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