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Invest In Proper Garage Ventilation To Keep Your Garage Cool All Summer

Summer is winding down but it’s still hot out there — the sun is beating down on your garage all day, making a typically stuffy room even stuffier. Not to mention all the heat that radiates from parked cars for hours after you drive them. Add an insulated garage door to the mix and the temperature of your garage in the summertime might become intolerable. That’s when it’s time to invest in some quality garage ventilation.

In order to cool off your overheated garage as efficiently as possible, you’ll need to install two powerful sidewall garage ventilation fans. These fans are designed to suck hot hair out of the garage and expel it to the outdoors. In order to work at optimum levels, the fan will need to “feed” off of incoming air, so you should leave a four inch gap between the floor and the bottom of the garage door. The best placement for the fans is high up on the wall opposite the main garage door. It’s a good idea to have your fan run on a timer or on thermostat control (the fans will turn on and off at predetermined heat settings) so the objects collecting the most heat in your garage have a fighting chance to cool off some.

A garage ventilation fan that will truly get the job done will move thousands of cubic feet of air per minute. However, their efficacy only goes so far. Even the best fan wont be able to keep the temperature lower than the temperature from outdoors. If it’s 90 degrees outside at 5 pm, your garage temperature will most likely hover in the upper 90s.

When you’re shopping around, look for a fan that will move thousands of cubic feet of air per minute. A quick Google search should be very helpful in this regard. When it comes to comparing quality, let the price be your guide. A fan with a high quality motor, well balanced blades, and exterior weatherproofing will always cost more — and be worth the investment. It’s a good idea to buy as much fan as you can possibly get for your budget.

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