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Fort Worth Garage Doors | Is it the Spring?

We get questions about garage door springs all the time. People aren’t sure if they are the issue and what to do about it if they are. We also get a lot of people who call in asking for spring repair.

First, you can generally tell if it is a spring issue if the door is lifting and lowering unevenly. The job of the springs is to counter-balance the weight of the door as it lifts and lowers. With that being said if the door is not moving evenly then it is usually that one of the springs has started to lose its tension. In this case it is always best to have a technician out to replace the spring as soon as possible. When the spring starts to sag it has the potential to snap at any time which will make the door fall.

It is also never a good idea to replace a garage door spring. It will never go back to holding the same tension it once did and it is not safe to try and make it. A good garage door technician will always replace it. It is also good to consider replacing both springs at the same time if they are the same age to save on money of another service call. If the springs are the same age then they have the same amount of use and usually that means if one is going the other one will go soon too.

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