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A garage door is something that almost every house has these days. They are so common most people don’t even think about them unless they are broken for some reason. While this might be the norm it is not the best way to be dealing with your garage door. A garage door is still a very heavy piece of equipment that if not handled properly can fall on you or a loved one. That is why there are certain safety measures you should go to.

You should never let your kids or animals play on or around the door. A lot of people will put in basketball hoops in the driveway, and that is fine…just make sure that the hoop is far enough away from the garage door that if for some reason it unexpectedly opens or closes it won’t possibly harm anyone who might be playing a little b-ball.

You also want to make sure and keep all pets away from the door at all times. We never recommend letting an animal loose inside the garage even if the door is closed because you never know if the door will open or become faulty.

Teach your kids not to play with the door and that they should stay away from it whenever possible unless actually going in or out of the door. Too many kids get hurt riding the door up and down every year, and it is something that can easily be avoided. Be smart and stay safe!

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