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Fort Worth Garage Doors | Sectional Door Benefits

Is your garage door a sectional garage door or does it move as one giant single piece when it lifts and lowers? If it moves in parts then it is sectional, and in our opinion this is a great benefit for you!

Why does it make such a difference to have a sectional door vs a non sectional door? The number one reason is the amount of money you will save when you have to repair the door. Say, for instance your kids are out playing hokey in the neighborhood and they accidentally hit a puck into your garage door with immense force. If the door is sectional and the puck only hit one section of the door then all you have to do is actually replace just that one part instead of the entire door.

This type of garage door will end up saving a lot of money in repairs over the years, that alone should be reason enough to get one. We also find that they are easier to customize and add accessories to, making it so they match and compliment the rest of your house better. In fact, we can’t really think of a reason not to have a sectional garage door, unless you are putting horses in there that might break one of the lower sections and escape.

If you are looking at switching over to a sectional garage door, give us a call and we’ll send someone out right away to go over all of your options and make sure we get the best possible door installed!

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