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Fort Worth Garage Doors | Should both springs be replaced with a spring replacement service?

How’s that for a blog post?  Okay, okay, you’re right, that seems like a bit of a copout–  Our blog is meant to inform as well as answer questions and give information about us, so let me expand on that answer a bit.

Yes, because your garage door system didn’t decide to only allow a single spring to wear down.  Instead, your garage door chose to wear down both springs evenly, which means that if you’re dealing with a busted garage door spring, and only one, you’ll likely have the other break soon.

What does that mean for you?  If you choose to do them one at a time, that means no two spring discount; that means two different service calls, which means two different times where your garage door is out of commission due to a broken spring.  Who wants that?

So, understand why the answer is “yes”?  Thought so. Check out our spring page for more information.

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