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Garage door safety and security – Rolling Code Tech

Are you familiar with the different types of safety and security measures that you can take with your garage door?  How about with your garage door opener?  Well, allow us to shed some light on a very particular situation–  There’s one thing in particular that should be considered for every garage door opener installation; that thing is rolling code technology, a sort of safeguard against hackers, thieves, and other issues you could potentially deal with.

That’s great, but what is “Rolling Code”?

Rolling cod technology is something built into the garage door opener / remote that will make sure that, with every operation of the garage door, the code that the two components use to communicate with one another will change.  What does this mean for you?  Well, let’s look at what this protects against:

It’s possible for sophisticated thieves / hackers to gain access to your garage door opener; all they have to do is lie in wait while you use your garage door opener, glean the code using their equipment, and then use that code (programmed into their own device) to open your garage door and grant themselves access to your garage and home (and all that comes with these things).

If you have rolling code technology working for you to keep you secure, that code that the hackers get would no longer work, as a new code would be issued from your opener to your remote to use; another layer of security built directly in to make sure you stay safe.

Now, when those same people try to break in, they’ll be stymied as to why they can’t rob you blind. (In actuality, they’ll understand they’ve been bested by rolling code technology, and they’ll likely move on to one of your neighbors to prey on.)  And now, you can rest easy at night knowing you and your stuff is safe!

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