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Garage Door Screens

Whaaaaa? Have you guys seen the new garage door screens? We love this idea!

So, what is the deal with garage door screens? Well, they are basically attached to the ceiling of your garage and are easily pulled down when the garage door is open so you can have the door open without fear of bugs or unwanted visitors of any kind sneaking in.

The best part is that it is incredibly easy to use and it has a doorway in it which still allows you to go in an out of the garage easily, in fact more easily than just the regular door. The screen is great quality mesh that allows for great airflow but is not easy to see through so you can still maintain some of your privacy.

This can save you a ton of money in the summer. If you are working on your car and want to have all the natural sunlight it will allow for that! It will also save money because you won’t have to use the electric in there as much and you won’t have to try to blow cold air in there since you will have the natural breeze of nature blowing through! This makes it a great place to even throw a party with some friends at night and let the summer air keep you cool!

We think this is going to really take off, it just makes too much sense not to!

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