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Garage floors– Do we need them?

Your garage floor. . .  Do you really need it?  I mean sure, it offers a smooth surface for you to park your car and stack your stuff, but really, we have to ask:  Do you need it?

Of course you do.  This isn’t some crazy place where we don’t have floors–  This is Fort Worth, Texas, where our garages have floors.  Heck, everything has floors, because that’s how we do things here.

So if we need floors in our garage, do you think we should just let them sit there and waste away while we constantly drive over them?  If you answered “yes,” you’re part of the problem; if you answered “no,” well, this blog is for you.  Most people don’t give any thought their garage floor, but really, if you don’t, it won’t be there forever.

Garage floors are just like many other things in that they need to be properly maintained.  Chemicals, oils, greases, and other things that make their way onto the floor of your garage are all slowly causing the concrete to waste away, which will eventually lead to it wearing down, cracking, becoming rough, etc.  By taking care of business and giving it a regularly cleaning, you will be able to help stave off some of these issues.  A simple way to do that is with some hot water (from your sink), and some sort of cleaner with a degreaser.  With a mop, you can clean your garage floor with this mixture and then hose it down for a nice clean look.  Of course, there are more intense options, like hiring professionals to do it for you, or renting a very expensive (but very effective) pressure washer, but no matter how you go about it, realize it’s important, and something that you should do regularly to show your home, and your garage, that you care.

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