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How to fix a garage door that squeaks, rattles and rolls – Part 1

When your garage door opens, does it sound like your pots and pan are on the march? Or maybe it sounds like army of squeaking rodents? Whatever your garage door sounds like, what it is trying to say is that it needs attention fast. First, it could be a sign that something’s wrong with the garage door door itself. Second, these sounds are extremely annoying for you and anyone who might be in earshot. Thankfully, it isn’t too hard to fix many of the problems that could be causing the noise. Here are some tips to help

Simple Tips for a Quieter Garage Door

Check the garage door’s nuts and bolts to see if they are all nice and tight. If they aren’t then it can cause extra vibration, or cause your garage door to be out of alignment, both of which means the garage door will causes more noise. By going through and tightening them, you can make the noise go away in many cases. However, that might not always do the trick.

You may also need to check the rollers. When you open and close the door, pay specific attention to the rollers and you can quickly see or hear a problem. Rollers can wear down over time, and which will causes them to squeak. If you note that the rollers are no longer in good working order, consider replacing them and make sure you measure them before you do. However, if they still appear to be in decent condition, but they are still squeaking, a little bit of grease added to them should help quiet them down if they are the culprit.

We will go over more items that could be the cause in part two of this series.

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