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Should You Invest In Garage Door Insulation?

From wild winds to flash floods, tornadoes in December and balmy Christmases in New York City, there’s no denying that climate change is real and having lasting effects on the environment. One way for eco-conscious homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint is to green their homes; one easy way to green your home is to insulate your garage or garage door, making it more energy efficient.
For total home heating and cooling effectiveness, consider insulating your home’s garage door. Energy efficiency is especially important for garages that are attached to the home. An energy efficient, insulated garage door will keep cold air out of your residence in cold winter months and the hot hair outside where it belongs during the summer, so you don’t wind up with higher heating or cooling bills. Not only will insulating your home’s garage door reduce your energy costs, it makes it easier to transition the garage into a sparse for dual use, like a living room or work space, and it can even make your garage more safe. 
Before investing in a greener garage door, research R-values. R-values are an index for determining the energy efficiency of the door and its degree of insulation. If you already have a particular model of garage door in mind, check with the manufacturer to make sure that the R-value rating is for the entire garage door, not just its center panel. The garage doors with the best R-value on the market are the ones with injections of polyurethane foam insulation between the ribs.
One drawback of insulating the garage door you already have, as opposed to the entire garage, is that the constant movement of the garage door will cause the insulation to wear down, which means you’ll have to insulate your door again and again. Buying a garage door that is already insulated will only solve one part of the problem. Instead, consider insulating your home from your garage.
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