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Looking for fresh ideas for what to do with your garage?

Your garage is a very big part of your home, and it’s a very big room if you choose to look at it like that.  While most people use it for it’s default purpose of storing an automobile, or for storing boxes of stuff, it could very easily be used in other ways, as well.  Of course, these other ideas are not always obvious, so allow us to help you out in figuring out other things you could do for your garage:

#1:  Airbnb.  Airbnb is an excellent service, and you could easily convert your garage into a a bedroom and list it on there–  If you have it set up real nice, have your garage and garage door insulated well, and add in a few other perks, you could easily become a destination of sorts in Fort Worth!

#2:  Home Arcade.  Home arcades are huge hits with your kids friends and their parents; and if you don’t have kids, home arcades are huge hits with your adult friends.  Everyone loves to be taken back to the past for a little while, and a home arcade can do just that.

#3:  Home gym.  Gym equipment can be found for dirt cheap on craigslist, and Amazon even has excellent options for home gym equipment.  If you get the basics, like a weight set, a power rack, and an adjustable bench, you can do basically everything you need to keep in shape.

#4:  Separate bedroom for family members.  Don’t have enough bedrooms for a guest room?  No problem!  Convert your garage into a spare bedroom for that purpose; just consider the insulation, just like with the Airbnb option.

We could go on with some other ideas for what you can do with your garage, but this should be able to get you started–  There are plenty of options, and really, the sky is the limit!

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