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MyQ Technology and Chamberlain Garage Door Openers

We live in the year 2015–  There is so much we can do now that was never thought possible before.  I’m sure when garage doors were first invented, people thought it would be cool (or “marvelous,” as the lingo of the day may have been) if there was a way to have this garage door open by some sort of contraption.  I’m sure after garage door openers were invented, people thought it would be cool (or “hep,” as the lingo of the day may have been) if you could operate the garage door at the push of a button from your car.

Today, I’m sure there are people that think it would be cool if you could operate your garage door using your smartphone.

Introducing MyQ Technology, available for Chamberlain garage door openers.  This technology is awesome, as it turns any Internet connected device into a garage door opener–  Everything from your computer, to your phone, to your tablet.  This allows you to open and close it from whenever, where ever.

To take it a step further, MyQ Technology for your opener has some other awesome features built in.  We’ve written in the past about how excellent open indicator monitors are, and the nice thing about MyQ is that it has this feature built right in.  By opening it up, you can check to see whether or not your garage door is open or closed, so you don’t have to spend time agonizing over whether or not your home is safe.

There are other great features, too, like controlling other aspects of your home, such as the lighting, as well.  The future has truly arrived!

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