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How to fix a garage door that squeaks, rattles and rolls – Part 1

When your garage door opens, does it sound like your pots and pan are on the march? Or maybe it sounds like army of squeaking rodents? Whatever your garage door sounds like, what it is trying to say is that it needs attention fast. First, it could be a sign that something’s wrong with the garage door door itself. Second, these sounds are extremely annoying for you and anyone who might be in earshot. Thankfully, it isn’t too hard to fix many of the problems that could be causing the noise. Here are some tips to help

Simple Tips for a Quieter Garage Door

Check the garage door’s nuts and bolts to see if they are all nice and tight. If they aren’t then it can cause extra vibration, or cause your garage door to be out of alignment, both of which means the garage door will causes more noise. By going through and tightening them, you can make the noise go away in many cases. However, that might not always do the trick.

You may also need to check the rollers. When you open and close the door, pay specific attention to the rollers and you can quickly see or hear a problem. Rollers can wear down over time, and which will causes them to squeak. If you note that the rollers are no longer in good working order, consider replacing them and make sure you measure them before you do. However, if they still appear to be in decent condition, but they are still squeaking, a little bit of grease added to them should help quiet them down if they are the culprit.

We will go over more items that could be the cause in part two of this series.


No one wants to return home and find that their garage and everything in it has burned to the ground in their absence. The threat of a residential garage fire is real, yet few consider that it could happen to them — or that the source of the fire is lurking, right now, in their own garage — until the fateful moment of combustion. Of course by then it’s too late. 
One seemingly innocent pile of stuff that could lead to your garage becoming a fiery inferno is a pile of rags. Often used for cleaning up spills or wiping hands, once discarded, oily rags become a potential fire hazard — especially if the rags are soaked with linseed oil-based products, like the kind used for wood finishing. A bunch of linseed-soaked rags wadded up together are likely to spontaneously combust. To prevent this, try soaking the used rags in water overnight, or store them in an airtight container — never inside a structure. 
Another potential garage fire hazard arises when various container of flammable liquids aren’t stored properly, in a safe and organized fashion. It’s very important that all flammable liquids are correctly identified in order to avoid unnecessary confusion that can lead to accidents in the garage. To avoid a mix up, use a color coding system and special containers for all flammable liquids, and make sure each container is tightly sealed. Even a tiny spark can turn into a blaze if it makes contact with the vapors of gasoline or kerosene. 
Lastly, toxic items don’t belong in the garbage when you’re through with them. Instead, find a hazardous waste disposal service in your area to haul away those pool chemicals, pesticides, and antifreeze that you won’t be storing in the garage anymore. And empty out your recycling bins while you’re at it. Especially if you usually store your paper-recycling bin in the garage — an overflowing paper bin is a perfect fuel source for a fire.


Open Sesame! A hilarious video is making the internet rounds this week. In the brief clip published by Huffington Post UK, a toddler watches in absolute amazement as his mom causes the automatic garage door to rise with the help of an electric garage door opener. Usually it’s the parents, especially new parents, who find themselves enraptured, watching with amusement and pride as little Suzy or Brian gets to experience something for the first time. Often, it’s that first delicious lick of ice cream, or the first time they visit the beach and see the ocean, their first time riding a bike or a carousel, their first visit to Santa or the Easter Bunny or Edward Scissor Hands or grandma’s house. In this case, for this whimsical toddler, it’s the simple technology of an automatic garage door that elicits his adorable expression of absolute wonder. Automatic garage doors have been around for so long now that we adults most likely take the technology for granted. But as HuffPost reports: “He is in complete bewilderment as the [garage door] slowly rise[s] up, looking back at his parents and then the door as if to say: ‘Are you seeing this, guys?'”

These days, there’s an awful lot of fist shaking and hand wringing over whether kids today are overly influenced by the ubiquity of technology, the fact that tiny screens are everywhere, constantly available. Are kids only entertained by phones, tablets and TV shows? we wonder. Are the days of innocent whimsy, wonder, exploration, and discovery something kids born before the millennium will ever experience? With this video as proof, it may be safe to say that an automatic garage door and a toddler’s expression of total incredulity when it opens, seemingly like magic, has shown that wonder and whimsy are alive and well in the minds of imaginative toddlers (at least in the UK).

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Is your garage door acting up? We are going to assume that the answer is yes since you’ve found us today. Most people don’t go looking for a garage door company on a holiday. We would rather you go back to enjoying your day and let us handle the garage door. There is no reason you should have to miss out on life and your family and friends to worry about something you probably can’t fix on your own anyway.

If you are having garage issues please give us a call right away. We know how precious your extra days off are. We have techs ready to get to you asap. The best part about our holiday services is that they don’t cost you any extra money at all. Our emergency repairs are the exact same cost as something you’ve scheduled in advance. So please don’t let the fear of paying more deter you from calling us today or any day day or night. It is our job to get your garage door back on track so let us help you. Life is too short to worry about silly things like garage doors when you can spend that time with people close to you.

Fort Worth Garage Doors | Is it the Spring?

We get questions about garage door springs all the time. People aren’t sure if they are the issue and what to do about it if they are. We also get a lot of people who call in asking for spring repair.

First, you can generally tell if it is a spring issue if the door is lifting and lowering unevenly. The job of the springs is to counter-balance the weight of the door as it lifts and lowers. With that being said if the door is not moving evenly then it is usually that one of the springs has started to lose its tension. In this case it is always best to have a technician out to replace the spring as soon as possible. When the spring starts to sag it has the potential to snap at any time which will make the door fall.

It is also never a good idea to replace a garage door spring. It will never go back to holding the same tension it once did and it is not safe to try and make it. A good garage door technician will always replace it. It is also good to consider replacing both springs at the same time if they are the same age to save on money of another service call. If the springs are the same age then they have the same amount of use and usually that means if one is going the other one will go soon too.

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Why You Should Repair The Dent In Your Garage Door Immediately

It’s often taken for granted that your home’s garage door is an important line of defense against theft and trespassing, and any weakness in that line of defense could put you or your belongings at risk. While a broken lock on the back door or a broken window upstairs are issues that would be addressed quickly by vigilant homeowners, damages to the garage door are often not addressed with the same level of urgency. Yet a dent in your garage door can be as potentially dangerous as a door torn fully from its hinges. To a potential burglar, a dented garage is an opportunity.

Imagine this scenario: Your teenage son or daughter accidentally bumps the garage door, leaving a medium sized dent. Instead of calling a garage door technician, you leave the dent alone, assuming that the damage is minor because the garage door still opens and closes. But then a few weeks go by. A potential burglar notices the dent in the door, waits for an opportune moment, and then sets about kicking the dent, gradually widening and deepening it until it becomes a point of access. Now the prowler stands in your home’s garage, surveying the room full of tools and other items you don’t use regularly, discarded items that likely won’t be missed for several days once they’re gone. Not only that, your garage is most likely set slightly apart from the main house, providing a quiet entrance and surreptitious access to the rest of your stuff.

All of this could be avoided through regular garage repair and maintenance. Unfortunately, many homeowners see a dent as a minor issue that doesn’t require immediate repair — they may think they don’t need garage repair at all. But repairing what seems like a small amount of meaningless damage might make the difference between a break in at your home or at your neighbor’s.



Invest In Proper Garage Ventilation To Keep Your Garage Cool All Summer

Summer is winding down but it’s still hot out there — the sun is beating down on your garage all day, making a typically stuffy room even stuffier. Not to mention all the heat that radiates from parked cars for hours after you drive them. Add an insulated garage door to the mix and the temperature of your garage in the summertime might become intolerable. That’s when it’s time to invest in some quality garage ventilation.

In order to cool off your overheated garage as efficiently as possible, you’ll need to install two powerful sidewall garage ventilation fans. These fans are designed to suck hot hair out of the garage and expel it to the outdoors. In order to work at optimum levels, the fan will need to “feed” off of incoming air, so you should leave a four inch gap between the floor and the bottom of the garage door. The best placement for the fans is high up on the wall opposite the main garage door. It’s a good idea to have your fan run on a timer or on thermostat control (the fans will turn on and off at predetermined heat settings) so the objects collecting the most heat in your garage have a fighting chance to cool off some.

A garage ventilation fan that will truly get the job done will move thousands of cubic feet of air per minute. However, their efficacy only goes so far. Even the best fan wont be able to keep the temperature lower than the temperature from outdoors. If it’s 90 degrees outside at 5 pm, your garage temperature will most likely hover in the upper 90s.

When you’re shopping around, look for a fan that will move thousands of cubic feet of air per minute. A quick Google search should be very helpful in this regard. When it comes to comparing quality, let the price be your guide. A fan with a high quality motor, well balanced blades, and exterior weatherproofing will always cost more — and be worth the investment. It’s a good idea to buy as much fan as you can possibly get for your budget.

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Comparing Screw Drive and Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

There are four types of garage door openers out there, which is something we’ve written about before.  In this week’s post, however, we’d like to directly compare two different styles of garage door openers; one of them is probably the most common out there, and the other is quickly becoming very common, because people are realizing how advantageous it is to have one.  So, without further ado:

Chain Drive vs. Screw Drive Garage Door Openers

First, let’s take a look at the mechanical differences:  They’re operate the same way, but there’s major difference between the two:  The method of drive; that is, how the opener transfers force to the garage door itself.  A chain drive does this by a simple chain drive system that will pull a sled along a track that is attached to the garage door.  Very simple, and you could kind of think of it like a bike chain in a way.

Chain drive opener image

It even looks like a bike chain.

A screw drive works on a similar principle, but instead of a chain going down the track with the sled, it’s a long threaded rod (a screw) that rotates, and moves the sled up and down the track.

Screw drive garage door opener image

They weren’t the most creative with names.

So what does this mean for the garage door openers themselves?  It mostly translates to some advantages for the screw drive opener, which means that a screw drive garage door opener is better in the following ways:

  • Quieter operation, which makes them less annoying.
  • Smoother operation, which means less stress on other components.
  • More reliable operation, which means money saved and less headaches.

Do you know what style of opener you have?  With the price of screw drive openers continuing to drop, it’s pointless not to upgrade!


All About Safety: Home Garage Fire Safety

This week, we’re talking about garage fire safety– According to the US Fire Administration, there are more than 6,000 home garage fires every year. Aside from the damage to homes ($457 million in property loss), these fires have resulted in dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries. The worst part about this scenario is that home garage fires are preventable.

You are in control of garage fire safety!

The USFA reports that, more often than not, the source of home garage fires is electrical malfunction, usually a wire shorting out, unseen damaged wires, or the overloading of an electrical outlet. Freak accidents do sometimes happen, but there are other things you can do to ensure the safety of your home garage. Start by taking a look at those electrical outlets. Is it necessary for every outlet to be in use at once? Try charging just one appliance at a time, and leave appliances that aren’t in use unplugged. Never use an extension cord when charging an appliance, USFA advises.
Whenever possible, find a place other than your home garage to store oil, gasoline, paints, propane and varnishes. If they must be stored in the garage, make sure any flammable items are kept on garage shelves or in cabinets, and nowhere near major appliances. Items like gasoline or other flammable liquids should never be stored near the gas source of the hot water heater.
For added peace of mind, consider installing a heat alarm — not the same thing as a smoke alarm — in your garage. A heat alarm will sound if the temperature rises too high, alerting you and your family to a potentially dangerous situation.
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Fort Worth Garage Doors | Sectional Door Benefits

Is your garage door a sectional garage door or does it move as one giant single piece when it lifts and lowers? If it moves in parts then it is sectional, and in our opinion this is a great benefit for you!

Why does it make such a difference to have a sectional door vs a non sectional door? The number one reason is the amount of money you will save when you have to repair the door. Say, for instance your kids are out playing hokey in the neighborhood and they accidentally hit a puck into your garage door with immense force. If the door is sectional and the puck only hit one section of the door then all you have to do is actually replace just that one part instead of the entire door.

This type of garage door will end up saving a lot of money in repairs over the years, that alone should be reason enough to get one. We also find that they are easier to customize and add accessories to, making it so they match and compliment the rest of your house better. In fact, we can’t really think of a reason not to have a sectional garage door, unless you are putting horses in there that might break one of the lower sections and escape.

If you are looking at switching over to a sectional garage door, give us a call and we’ll send someone out right away to go over all of your options and make sure we get the best possible door installed!

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