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MyQ Technology and Chamberlain Garage Door Openers

We live in the year 2015–  There is so much we can do now that was never thought possible before.  I’m sure when garage doors were first invented, people thought it would be cool (or “marvelous,” as the lingo of the day may have been) if there was a way to have this garage door open by some sort of contraption.  I’m sure after garage door openers were invented, people thought it would be cool (or “hep,” as the lingo of the day may have been) if you could operate the garage door at the push of a button from your car.

Today, I’m sure there are people that think it would be cool if you could operate your garage door using your smartphone.

Introducing MyQ Technology, available for Chamberlain garage door openers.  This technology is awesome, as it turns any Internet connected device into a garage door opener–  Everything from your computer, to your phone, to your tablet.  This allows you to open and close it from whenever, where ever.

To take it a step further, MyQ Technology for your opener has some other awesome features built in.  We’ve written in the past about how excellent open indicator monitors are, and the nice thing about MyQ is that it has this feature built right in.  By opening it up, you can check to see whether or not your garage door is open or closed, so you don’t have to spend time agonizing over whether or not your home is safe.

There are other great features, too, like controlling other aspects of your home, such as the lighting, as well.  The future has truly arrived!

Fort Worth Garage Doors | Bottom Weather Seal

Have you ever checked the bottom weather seal on your garage door? We are guessing no. That is okay, we understand. We wouldn’t expect most people to check that or even think to check it because they are not garage door repair men or women. That is why we recommend you have maintenance and safety checks done on your door at least once every 6 months to ensure that we check everything and know that your garage door is working right and that is safe.

One of the things that we check in our 25 point inspection is the bottom weather seal. Again, you may not understand why this would be an important thing to check, but we will tell you! The weather stripping on the bottom of the door makes it so that a) the door closes fully and securely and b) keeps the temperature inside the garage more even.

It is so important to know that your garage door is securely closing; this will help you know that you don’t have to worry as much about someone being able to easily break in. It can also save you a lot of money to keep the temperature inside your garage a more average temp. If the weather seal isn’t good anymore it will let all the hot air from the summer heat into your garage and all the cool air from your air-conditioning inside your home out, which can cause a lot of strain on your air-conditioning unit and cost you a lot more on your electrical bill.

If you aren’t sure how to check the weather seal, that is okay! Just give us a call here at Fort Worth Garage Doors.

Looking for fresh ideas for what to do with your garage?

Your garage is a very big part of your home, and it’s a very big room if you choose to look at it like that.  While most people use it for it’s default purpose of storing an automobile, or for storing boxes of stuff, it could very easily be used in other ways, as well.  Of course, these other ideas are not always obvious, so allow us to help you out in figuring out other things you could do for your garage:

#1:  Airbnb.  Airbnb is an excellent service, and you could easily convert your garage into a a bedroom and list it on there–  If you have it set up real nice, have your garage and garage door insulated well, and add in a few other perks, you could easily become a destination of sorts in Fort Worth!

#2:  Home Arcade.  Home arcades are huge hits with your kids friends and their parents; and if you don’t have kids, home arcades are huge hits with your adult friends.  Everyone loves to be taken back to the past for a little while, and a home arcade can do just that.

#3:  Home gym.  Gym equipment can be found for dirt cheap on craigslist, and Amazon even has excellent options for home gym equipment.  If you get the basics, like a weight set, a power rack, and an adjustable bench, you can do basically everything you need to keep in shape.

#4:  Separate bedroom for family members.  Don’t have enough bedrooms for a guest room?  No problem!  Convert your garage into a spare bedroom for that purpose; just consider the insulation, just like with the Airbnb option.

We could go on with some other ideas for what you can do with your garage, but this should be able to get you started–  There are plenty of options, and really, the sky is the limit!

Fort Worth Garage Doors | Are you Ready for the 4th?

Next week is already the 4th of July! We can’t believe it. Time flies when you are busy helping people keep their garage door working right. At Fort Worth Garage Doors we are just as excited about holiday’s as everyone else, but we care more about making sure that your garage door is working perfectly. No, we don’t force our technicians to be in the office on Holiday’s but we do have them on-call. That means if you are having your big family bbq and celebration for Independence Day and your garage door is hit with a car or maybe a kid having too much fun with family, we will come out that day to fix it for you!

Your garage door keeps your family safe from people looking to break in. That is why we would never make you wait overnight to have your door fixed. If it is left open even for a few hours it can be an invitation to anyone looking to see what you might have inside your car or home. No matter what time of the day or night or if it is a holiday or weekend please don’t wait to call a professional tech to come and take care of the issue so you don’t have to worry about your safety.

Are we the best garage door company around?

There are lesser companies, and then there’s the one garage door company that sets itself out from the pack.  It has decided that mediocrity has no place in the garage door industry, and has instead decided that exceptionalism is what is needed; a hero needs to emerge from the gaggle of companies that could potentially service your garage door. . .  A hero, not the one that your garage door wants, but the one that it needs.

And that hero, is Fort Worth Garage Doors–  The best garage door company around.

Now, you might be thinking we’re a little full of ourselves, but when you’re through reading this post, you’ll understand why we think that.  First, let’s have a quick look at our competition; the lesser garage door companies:  They’re fly by night operations in comparison.  They hire handy people to come out and service your garage door as best they can, when is convenient for them, using whatever cheap parts they can get their hands on, while trying to hurry up and finish and leave so that they’ll be done and won’t have to bother with you ever again.

Now that you’ve seen our competition, let’s take a look at us:  We’ve been around for decades. All of our garage door technicians are experts in the field of garage door service and repair; we don’t hire general handymen, but instead, seasoned veterans who want to take their careers to the next level.  They come out and take their time, offering you the very best service possible; and on top of that, they come out whenever is convenient for you.  We only use high quality parts from brand name manufacturers, and we never try and force a repair.  When our techs are through, you’ll know they’re still there with you after they leave because we offer a satisfaction guarantee so you’ll still be protected.

Which one is the hero?

Fort Worth Garage Doors | Safety Plans

You might not be exactly sure what safety plans have to do with your garage, but luckily that is what we are here to explain to you! We are referring to safety plans in regards to if there is a giant emergency where power goes out, and also safety plans to teach your children about garage door.

Okay, so let’s start with the first safety plan: if there is a power outage. You should keep a box of supplies right inside the door of your garage. One of the things you should have on the very top is a flashlight. This makes it easy to find in the dark if the power goes out at night. Once you have your flashlight you can then see where everything is an if necessary you can then lift the garage door manually.

Secondly, you should have a safety plan in place for your kids. So many kids love to play on the garage door while it is lifting and lowering, but this is incredibly dangerous. If they were to fall and for some reason the safety mechanisms on the door stopped working the door could fall on them and crush them. That is why it is made very clear that they should never play on the door or even be around it while it is moving. It is the only sure way to keep them safe from any potential accidents. If you need to have a safety check up on your door give us a call today!

Garage door safety and security – Rolling Code Tech

Are you familiar with the different types of safety and security measures that you can take with your garage door?  How about with your garage door opener?  Well, allow us to shed some light on a very particular situation–  There’s one thing in particular that should be considered for every garage door opener installation; that thing is rolling code technology, a sort of safeguard against hackers, thieves, and other issues you could potentially deal with.

That’s great, but what is “Rolling Code”?

Rolling cod technology is something built into the garage door opener / remote that will make sure that, with every operation of the garage door, the code that the two components use to communicate with one another will change.  What does this mean for you?  Well, let’s look at what this protects against:

It’s possible for sophisticated thieves / hackers to gain access to your garage door opener; all they have to do is lie in wait while you use your garage door opener, glean the code using their equipment, and then use that code (programmed into their own device) to open your garage door and grant themselves access to your garage and home (and all that comes with these things).

If you have rolling code technology working for you to keep you secure, that code that the hackers get would no longer work, as a new code would be issued from your opener to your remote to use; another layer of security built directly in to make sure you stay safe.

Now, when those same people try to break in, they’ll be stymied as to why they can’t rob you blind. (In actuality, they’ll understand they’ve been bested by rolling code technology, and they’ll likely move on to one of your neighbors to prey on.)  And now, you can rest easy at night knowing you and your stuff is safe!

Fort Worth Garage Doors | What kind of opener?

Are you ready to get a new garage door opener? If the answer is yes, then you might be wondering how in the world you know which one is the right one. There are four different types of openers that are used for garage doors and there are two main types used for residential garage doors.

The two types you will be looking at for your home are the chain drive or the belt drive. These two drives operate in the same way with the main opener being attached to the top of the garage in the middle and using either a belt or chain to pull the door up or lower it.

Literally, the only difference between these two openers is the that one uses a belt and one uses a chain. You may not think this is much of a difference, but the change comes in the amount of noise each makes. The chain drive will effectively open your garage door and is less expensive but is also much much louder than the belt drive. So, if your garage is under a bedroom or next to one then noise level is something you certainly want to take into account. In the long run you will be much happier with a belt drive so you don’t have to worry about waking anyone up.

If you are in the market or a new opener please give us a call here at Fort Worth Garage Doors.

Answer this: Are you safe from your garage door?

Can you answer this simple question: Are you safe from your garage door?  If you can’t, you have some serious issues, but more than likely most people don’t even understand what that question means:

Are you safe from your garage door?

Is your it a monster?  A homicidal maniac?  Is it bent on revenge for you plucking it off that farm and keeping it bound to your home?

(Okay. . .  That last one makes no sense, but still!)

It’s none of that, but a garage door can be a very dangerous part of your home that is able to kill, main, and destroy you, your pets, and your things.  So, with that in mind, are you safe from your garage door?  To help you answer this, here are some questions to consider:

  • Is your garage door operating properly, and smoothly?  Your garage door should operate the way it did when it was first installed at all times, otherwise there may be something wrong with it.
  • Have you performed garage door emergency release tests?  This is a test of the emergency release system that serves two purposes:  It ensures that the emergency release works in the event that you need to use it; and this ensures that your garage door is properly secured the rest of the garage door system.
  • Have you had your garage door tested for it’s reverse fuctionality?  This is a test to ensure that the door will immediately stop it’s motion and reverse course as soon as it hits an obstruction, no matter what it is.  This is one of the most important parts of garage door safety.
  • Have you had the photoelectric eyes / sensors tested lately?  These are the eyes that tell your opener that nothing is in the way of the garage door’s path.

If you answered no to any of those, you may not be safe from your garage door.  Luckily, a call to a qualified garage door repair company can help you fix that!

Fort Worth Garage Doors | Keep Backup in Your Garage

From reading the title of this you might be extremely confused as to what we mean by keeping backup in your garage. What we are saying is that it is very important to have a supply of back up water, food, blankets, etc in case of emergencies. Your garage is one of the best places you can store you back up supplies.

A garage is actually a great place to store a lot of things, but you want to also make sure to keep it organized so that you can find what you need in a pinch, especially your back up emergency supplies. That is why you should take the time to figure out a plan in case of an emergency and then organize your garage in a way that makes it easy to get to that stash in the dark. You will probably want to keep all of the supplies close to the door from the house into the garage so you can quickly find it and light some candles.

Keeping the entire garage organized will be best for an emergency as well because it will ensure that you don’t trip or fall over anything in the dark if the power goes out at night. This can be an even bigger issue if you are not able to open the garage door because it will be very dark in the garage. Stay safe and be prepared!

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