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Fort Worth Garage Doors | Home Value and your Garage Door

Did you know that your garage door can have a big impact on the value of your property?  No?  Well, get ready to get educated!

Basically, it’s pretty simple:  Your garage door represents a large portion of your home that faces out toward the world.  What does that have to do with home value, though?  Well, the easiest way to update the appearance, or fix the appearance of your home, and thus add value, is to replace your garage door.

Let’s say your garage door’s shoddy appearance is bringing down the look of your home–  A quick replacement fixes that, and can mean a lot when it comes to the appraisal of your home!

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416 – 9193 | Check for cracks

If your garage door isn’t securely closing when you close it you could be spending a lot more on your heat bill than you should be. The cracks around the door will let the cold air in and this will let the cold air more easily into your home. We are great at finding cracks that you may not even notice. If we find any we can easily and quickly re-align your garage door to make sure it closes up nice and tight. Don’t pay more on your bills than you need to, just make sure your garage door is aligned and keeping it nice and temperate inside the garage.

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416 – 9193 | Use peg board to organize

We have found one of the easiest ways to organize your garage is to install peg board on the walls of the garage. This will allow you to hang a lot of other things that may otherwise be on the floor. It is a great place to put things like tools and bikes.

Another suggestion we have is to get a bunch of plastic bins that you can store everything else in. You can put like things in the bins, label the bins, and then stack them against the wall. We know if you do these two things you will have enough room to park your car inside the garage where it belongs.

Fort Worth Garage Doors | Clean Your Springs

Have you ever moved homes and noticed that items atop bookshelves seem to have a sticky sort of film over them.  That’s what happens when too much dust collects and you neglect the chores.  A similar sort of problem can occur with your garage door springs, as well–  If you don’t regularly maintain your springs, or at least regularly clean them, dust and grime can accumulate to such a degree that they will develop a sort of grimy, sticky film all over the springs–  This can lead to a whole host of problems that will eventually lead to needing garage door spring repair or garage door spring replacement.

What’s an easier fix than garage door spring repair?  Maintaining your springs, which includes cleaning them at regular intervals.

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416 – 9193 | Time for a new garage door?

Your garage door is such an important part of your home, and in most cases you probably don’t even pay attention to it… until it breaks. Sometimes you can easily repair the door and then it goes back to working perfectly well. Other times, the sad times, the door can’t actually be repaired and it will need to be replaced, if this is the case Fort Worth Garage Doors is here to assist. We can tell you all of the options you have for a new garage door from type and style to which opener is best for your needs. Don’t try to figure this all out on your own, call in some garage door professionals to take the stress out of the process.

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416 – 9193 | Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Garage Door Springs -But were afraid to ask

What do you think is the most efficient labor-saving device in your house?

Without a doubt, your garage door springs are the most energy efficient and useful lo-tech items in your house. They help you raise a 200-pound door using about 1/10 the force.

Now for the bad news: garage door springs are powerful and dangerous. Don’t try to repair or replace a garage door spring by yourself unless you have at least 5 years experience as a licensed garage door mechanic – or you have a REALLY good health care plan and live close to an emergency ward. Yes, it’s THAT dangerous!

Okay, you’re smart enough to call in a professional garage door technician to deal with spring replacement, an excellent decision

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416 – 9193 | Why are my windows smoked

Garage doors are huge in keeping your home and car safe. One of the safety features that manufacturers put in is smoked windows in the garage door. This means that no one can see into your garage by looking through the windows. You are still able to have the nice aesthetic of windows on your garage door while keeping your privacy. These windows can also still allow light into your garage helping save you money on electricity. If you don’t currently have windows on your garage door but are thinking about getting them you can call Fort Worth Garage Doors.

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416 – 9193 | Martin Garage Doors

Martin is one of the leading garage door manufacturers in America. Martin believes in providing quality products for great prices. Another great benefit to choosing a Martin garage door is the level of control you have. Martin is happy to have you design your own garage door so that it can be as unique and original as you are. Once you have designed your perfect garage door, Fort Worth Garage Doors can quickly and easily install the door for you and keep up on maintenance.

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416 – 9193 | Same day and emergency service

If you are looking to have your garage door repaired of serviced it can be a hassle to have to call and schedule an appointment with a garage door company for weeks later. We know know how important it is to have someone out right away and that is why we offer same day and emergency garage doors services. We will not even charge you more for these specialty services because we know that it is best to keep your garage door up and running and you happy. Don’t settle for a company that makes you wait on your repairs; call us!

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416 – 9193 | Paint your garage door

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to update the exterior of your home painting the garage door can do that for you. If your garage door is starting to look worn or old painting it will give it a nice boost. You can paint it a color that compliments the rest of your home or you can paint it something bright and exciting. The options are limitless. Painting the garage door can usually be done in a day, you can go from drab to fab in one day! Make sure to ask someone at the paint counter what type of paint to use on your garage door.

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