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Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416 – 9193 | Regular garage door maintenance benefits

If you have a garage door, you understand how important it is for your garage door to be in good working order. In a lot of cases the garage door parts that most often need replacing can be repaired if found to have a problem soon enough. We recommend that you do a basic maintenance check on your garage door at least twice a year and that you have a professional garage door company come do maintenance on the door at least once a year. It is much easier to be proactive with garage door issues than to be reactive.

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416 – 9193 | Tips for garage door in summer

The summer can be a very hot time, and this can affect your garage door. If the garage door opener sensor is in the direct path of the sun it can actually make the opener not work while the sun is directly shining on it. If this happens to you, just make sure to shade the sensor with your hand and it will work again.

Another issue that comes along with the summer heat is how much heat can sneak in through an open garage into your home. This can end up costing you a lot of money on your electric bill. Make a point not to open your garage door during the hottest parts of the day to ensure as little hot air gets in as possible.

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416 – 9193 | High Lift Cable Drum

A garage door cable drum has three types: standard lift cable drum, vertical lift cable drum and high lift cable drum. This article will talk only about garage door high lift cable drum. Before that, I will define first what a garage door cable drum is. Garage door cable drum is used in helping the garage door in opening and closing it, with the help of the torsion springs, as it maintains the balance of the door. High lift cable drum has a flat and raised portion, which has the combination of the figures of the standard lift and vertical lift cable drums. How does this work? As the door opens, the cable runs on the raised portion and then switches over to the flat portion when the cable runs on the horizontal track. It has five different diameter sizes: 4”, 5-1/2”, 5-3/4”, 6-3/8”, and 8”. Each cable diameter size has its corresponding cable capacity. The 8” cable diameter has the cable capacity of 10’.

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416 – 9193 | How to Safely Open and Close a Garage Door

A garage is a room in a house wherein it is used to keep cars and other automobiles. Aside from that, if you do not have a car, you can use the garage as a storage room to store some things that you do not use anymore. A garage has a garage door that is used as a barrier at the entrance of the garage. A garage door is just like a door in a house where you can open and close it but instead of opening or closing it in a forward or backward motion, it just simply lifts up to the overhead or ceiling of the garage. To safely open and close a garage door, you can use a switch or a remote to open it. Make sure that the parts of the garage door like the rollers, cables and springs are lubricated so that it will work efficiently. While closing the garage door, ensure that there must be no object or any person that interfere the door from closing to prevent the door from damage and injuries to other people or yourself.

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416 – 9193 | DIY garage door battery backup installation

It is always good to be ready with power outages, install a battery back up on your garage door with these easy steps!

  • Choose and buy the right battery for your garage door. Make sure that the model of the battery is compatible with your garage door opener. Don’t forget to consider its quality since other fake batteries tend to be hazardous.
  • Fully charge the battery before installing it on your garage door opener. Charging the battery could take days.
  • Finally, install your battery backup. There are those that are easily installed behind the garage door opener and other models are installed at the top.
  • Now that you’re done with the installment process, test it out. Shut the power source and open the garage door with your remote control or pad, if the garage door moves smoothly, then you have done a good job with installing a battery backup for your garage door.

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416 – 9193 | Determining the garage door size

The time will always come that your garage door will need replacing. You may find that it is already worn and broken, or you might just want to replace it with a new model. Nevertheless, determining the garage door size is one of your top priorities for you to be able to buy the perfect fit!

Step 1

Using a tape measure, measure the inside length of the door. Start from one side of the door-frame, to the other side. Make sure you measure the widest area.

Step 2

Once you are done repeat the first step, but instead of measuring the length this time measure the height.

Step 3

Measure both sides of the garage door-frame. Start measuring from the left edge of the frame to the wall. Do the same on the other side.

Step 4

Measure the space between the upper garage door-frame to the ceiling, this is known as the headroom clearance. You might need some assistance with this, or a ladder to reach the ceiling.

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416 – 9193 | Let Us Fix Your Broken Garages

We provide the repair services for all garage doors. You name them; we can definitely fix them all the way. We also do repair broken openers and defective springs. However, you have problems that are all manageable on your part. The following are the most common issues and solutions:

1 The opener does not function using either a switch or a remote. The main power has maybe been interrupted. Ascertain that the opener cord is stuffed in;

2 The door does not completely cover. The close boundary switch needs adjustment. A misplaced sensor or a blocked sensor may cause this problem. So, make fine adjustments of your sensors, one having the green light, while the other having the red light. Please clean the exterior sensors themselves;

3 The door closes automatically after touching the floor. The close boundary switch might need adjustment;

4 The door closes before touching the ground. The close power might need adjustment;

5 The door does not fully open. The boundary switches probably needs to be geared toward the opener;

6 The opener does not stop from moving. The boundary switch might need to be geared away from the opener;

7 The door neither opens nor closes using the remote. Go closer to the entrance. Ascertain that the opener antenna is hanging. You might need to replace the old batteries of the remote. Please remember that you may program or reprogram the range capacities of your remote controls. You might have not closed or opened your doors, because such controls might have not reached the radar waves of your openers.

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416 – 9193 | TOP 5 DANGERS OF GARAGE DOORS

The following are dangers of garage doors commonly experienced:

1.  The problem of children riding a garage door.  This can cause great danger to children who thought that garage doors are like other toys. Therefore, the only solution for this is to teach the child to understand the risk when they ride on garage doors and let inform them that it’s not a playing area.

2. Lead Paint Concerns. Lead paint may cause great concern to children’s health. It can cause poisoning or worse, death. So, try asking manufacturers what types of paint they used on painting the garage doors and choose the paint which is Eco-friendly and health friendly.

3. Entrapment issues. Check the garage before closing it to make sure your child is not around.

4. The ever-present risk of a garage door spring breaking. There a lot of concerns regarding the garage door spring. Check it when it’s malfunctioning or when you are doubtful it is working right.

5. Dangers of a falling garage door. I’m sure nobody want this to happen so be meticulous when checking the garage doors and make sure kids aren’t playing in garage area.

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416 – 9193 | Roller garage doors

Roller garage doors are popular garage door types today because of their practical and economical usage. They are usually made of corrugated steel or they can also be made with corrugated fibreglass. And since it just rolls up on itself to the ceiling, the owner won’t have to put much effort in to opening or closing it. In just a press of the button, the owner can operate on the garage door. Roller garage doors are also a good choice especially for those garages that require lot of space since it would not involve any space like that a normal garage door would involve.  This type of garage door needs insulation since it is just made of steel. This is also a type of garage door that uses springs, so whenever you have a roller garage door problem never attempt to fix this since many cases of death and serious injuries have happened and only garage door experts are allowed to do the job.

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416 – 9193 | Pros and Cons of the Automatic Garage Door

Automatic garage doors are  the norm of the modern world, compared to it being the luxury of the past. There are actually many types of automatic doors, the usual ones we see are the kind that lifts up when opened but in companies we see the one that opens sideways. But just how effective and efficient are these door? They are a lot of good things about this garage door but just like everything else in this world; it also has its setbacks.

The most obvious advantage is it being automatic. Imagine yourself driving your car down to the lane and into your garage without stepping out and opening the garage door. With just a simple push of a button, the door opens by itself and voila! The door is open and you can drive your car in. Another advantage is that it saves time. You will just be in the comfort of your car when you open the garage door. You will be able to save valuable minutes of the day rather than spending the time and effort of opening the garage door yourself.

The biggest concern of this type of garage door is repair and maintenance. Since it is mechanical, keeping all parts working in good condition is a regular task. You must regularly check all the parts and check if they have any defect. Not to mention the cost that it requires to repair in the event of a problem does occur.

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