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Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416 – 9193 | When do you need to replace the garage door sensors?

Garage door sensors are important parts of your garage door since it is a safety device for your garage. They prevent the door from  automatically closing when it detects an object in the way; like your child or pet perhaps. This is a very important safety feature for your garage door. But what happens when it becomes faulty? Your garage door’s safety becomes faulty as well. This happens when the censor no longer lights up or when you used a remote but it would not function. This is distinguished from a remote control problem when the garage door can be moved by pressing the button mounted on the wall, which means the garage door sensors have already malfunctioned and it needs replacement. Garage door sensors are located on each side of the garage door opening near the floor so it must be protected always from accidents and children. Garage door sensors must also be wiped to prevent adhering dirt that may interfere in its detection.

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416 – 9193 | Control Your Chamberlain Garage Door with The Chamberlain Smartphone Opener

When you connect your home router to a radio transmitter, it can be possible that your remote controlled garage door from Chamberlain can be accessed using your smartphone or tablet. An application for garage door openers in smartphones? Yes, a new innovation of the world-renowned garage door company.

Most people own smartphones and tablets today. Whether you have iPhone, Blackberry, or an Android phone, installing this accessory in your garage door can be surely provide you with ease and convenience.

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416 – 9193 | Chamberlain, newest garage door openers

Chamberlain is one of the most trusted garage door opener brands by most customers; their garage door opener models are reliable and dependable. Here are their latest garage door opener models with great features and smooth systems.

  • 8550 Elite Series DC Battery Backup Belt Drive

Because of its battery backup feature, this model can open or close your garage door even when the power is out. This garage door opener model is very convenient and quiet.

  • 3585 Elite Series ¾ HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

With ¾ horsepower, this latest garage door opener model can lift any heavy door without the nuisance of noise.

  • 3280 Premium Series ½ HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Very smooth and very quiet, suitable for homes with rooms above the garage but it still can lift any heavy garage door because of its ½ horsepower.

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416 – 9193 | Section Replacement

A lot of people have an area of their garage door, often times, corners, that are just unsightly in comparison to the rest of the garage door.  What is a home owner to do when faced with small parts of their garage door that just look plain terrible?


Well, they can have a garage door section replacement.  This is where a part, or section of the garage door is replaced at a better value to the home owner than a full garage door replacement.  These are especially popular with families that have kids that play sports in the driveway!

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416 – 9193 | Garage Door Springs and Tracks

Often times while performing some garage door maintenance, or a garage door repair, we recommend to our customers garage door spring replacement, and for good reason.

Most people don’t realize that your garage door springs are very important to your garage door, and more importantly, good garage door springs that are working right help to maintain the other components!  If your springs aren’t properly moving your garage door along the track, this can lead to some serious problems with the garage door track.  Now, garage door track alignment and all of the associated repairs are really expensive when compared to garage door spring replacement, so when we make this recommendation, in the end, we’re trying to help you.

Remember, we’re not happy until your garage door is working perfectly!  We’re in the business of helping you–  Fixing your garage door is a side effect of that.

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416-9193 | Garage Door and Curb Appeal

Do you know the first thing people see when they approach your home? Your garage door is the first thing most people notice because of how much space it takes up on the exterior of you home. Now that I say that you are probably realizing how often you see your garage door. Because of its prominent position on your home it is very important that you keep up on it. If your garage door is run down, doesn’t match the rest of your home, or is broken it can make your entire home look bad.

You may not think it matters what your garage door looks like, but your neighbors and prospective buyers definitely do. So if you are looking for a quick way to spruce up the curb appeal of your home you may want to start with the garage door.

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416-9193 | Secure your home

Crimes have been increasing lately. As technology progresses so do the tactics of burglars and criminals. It is better to secure your home especially when you are in a neighborhood that is not that safe.

  • Alarm systems

Alarms systems also known as burglar alarms are perfect. They give a type of alarm such as audio to alert the owner and to panic the burglar; it can also be an alarm to your security personnel or guard without letting the burglar know it.


  • Make sure that your gates and fences are well fortified

Lots of gate and fences designs keep the burglar away. You can choose depending on the location and the design of your home.


  • Secure your garage

Car napping is another huge problem today. Don’t be a victim. Secure a garage door that can only be controlled with a button inside your house, a remote control or if you want maximum security, a garage door opener controlled by a password.

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416-9193 | Garage Door Safety Rules for Parents to Impose To Their Kids

In the recent years, not many people know that a handful of accidents involving garage doors are accounted. Aside from the risk of dangers we pose to ourselves when we own a faulty garage door, we also pose danger to the safety of the most vulnerable, innocent ones in our households – our kids. Here are some rules every parents should set for their young ones in terms of dealing with the garage door.


  • The opening and closing of the garage door should only be done by an adult. Garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds and a little kid will not have adequate height, strength and power to safely open or close a garage door.


  • Hands should be kept away from section tracks, rollers, and joints of the garage door, even if it is not operating.


  • Kids should not ride the garage door. Injuries are very common because children play with an opening or closing garage door. Also, damage to the garage door opener and garage door motor could be a result of these incidences.


  • Nobody should be ducking underneath a garage door while it’s being closed. Walking through the garage door should be done only when it is fully and properly opened.


  • Proper maintenance and upkeep should be done with your garage door. Make sure the system is well-lubricated, to make sure there is avoidance of rusting. Hiring a professional garage door technician should be done once observance of excessive noise, shaking and grinding.

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416-9193 | Finding the Right Style

You may not realize how important it is to have a nice looking garage door that matches the rest of the house is. Your garage door is one of the first things someone sees when looking at the exterior of your home. If your garage door style does not match or fit well with the rest of the house it can really stick out like a sore thumb.

There are so many different types and styles of garage doors that it shouldn’t be hard for you to find one that will really compliment the rest of your home. A professional garage door company like Fort Worth Garage Doors can certainly help you go through your options. You shouldn’t settle when it comes to your garage door, find the right one for you and your home!

Fort Worth Garage Doors | (800) 416-9193 | How Do You Keep Your Vehicle Safe with Electric Garage Doors

With the digital age we have today, opening up the garage door by hand should truly be considered a thing in the past – not merely as a convenience, keeping yourself comfortable and safe from the coldness of the rain, but particularly for your very own as well as your vehicle’s security. You will understand how you should get rid of your manual garage door, once a professional garage door company sets up your electric garage door that will definitely suit your needs and aesthetic preferences.

Here you will have a good look of the safety features of an electric garage door. Among the main reasons that you have a garage built in your home is because you surely want your prized automobile to have the topmost safety. However, having a manual garage door defeats this  purpose because unlike electric and automatic garage doors, they do not have electronic mechanisms that can halt forceful openings. Mainly, once an electric garage door is closed, it stays closed – thus keeps your vehicle safely parked on the inside.

But it does not just end there. There are stories of burglary that states that thieves come pouncing during the time a homeowner gets outside of his car to manually open his garage door. When you have an automatic garage door, you can open your garage door from your car seat, and park inside your garage.

Having the ability to open manually from the inside of your garage in the case of a power blackout, you will never be in a bad position, but generally always in a far better and far safer one.

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