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Open Sesame! A hilarious video is making the internet rounds this week. In the brief clip published by Huffington Post UK, a toddler watches in absolute amazement as his mom causes the automatic garage door to rise with the help of an electric garage door opener. Usually it’s the parents, especially new parents, who find themselves enraptured, watching with amusement and pride as little Suzy or Brian gets to experience something for the first time. Often, it’s that first delicious lick of ice cream, or the first time they visit the beach and see the ocean, their first time riding a bike or a carousel, their first visit to Santa or the Easter Bunny or Edward Scissor Hands or grandma’s house. In this case, for this whimsical toddler, it’s the simple technology of an automatic garage door that elicits his adorable expression of absolute wonder. Automatic garage doors have been around for so long now that we adults most likely take the technology for granted. But as HuffPost reports: “He is in complete bewilderment as the [garage door] slowly rise[s] up, looking back at his parents and then the door as if to say: ‘Are you seeing this, guys?'”

These days, there’s an awful lot of fist shaking and hand wringing over whether kids today are overly influenced by the ubiquity of technology, the fact that tiny screens are everywhere, constantly available. Are kids only entertained by phones, tablets and TV shows? we wonder. Are the days of innocent whimsy, wonder, exploration, and discovery something kids born before the millennium will ever experience? With this video as proof, it may be safe to say that an automatic garage door and a toddler’s expression of total incredulity when it opens, seemingly like magic, has shown that wonder and whimsy are alive and well in the minds of imaginative toddlers (at least in the UK).

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