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Why You Should Repair The Dent In Your Garage Door Immediately

It’s often taken for granted that your home’s garage door is an important line of defense against theft and trespassing, and any weakness in that line of defense could put you or your belongings at risk. While a broken lock on the back door or a broken window upstairs are issues that would be addressed quickly by vigilant homeowners, damages to the garage door are often not addressed with the same level of urgency. Yet a dent in your garage door can be as potentially dangerous as a door torn fully from its hinges. To a potential burglar, a dented garage is an opportunity.

Imagine this scenario: Your teenage son or daughter accidentally bumps the garage door, leaving a medium sized dent. Instead of calling a garage door technician, you leave the dent alone, assuming that the damage is minor because the garage door still opens and closes. But then a few weeks go by. A potential burglar notices the dent in the door, waits for an opportune moment, and then sets about kicking the dent, gradually widening and deepening it until it becomes a point of access. Now the prowler stands in your home’s garage, surveying the room full of tools and other items you don’t use regularly, discarded items that likely won’t be missed for several days once they’re gone. Not only that, your garage is most likely set slightly apart from the main house, providing a quiet entrance and surreptitious access to the rest of your stuff.

All of this could be avoided through regular garage repair and maintenance. Unfortunately, many homeowners see a dent as a minor issue that doesn’t require immediate repair — they may think they don’t need garage repair at all. But repairing what seems like a small amount of meaningless damage might make the difference between a break in at your home or at your neighbor’s.



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